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Custom Engineered Components

APR manages the component production and delivery cycle with a turnkey process that ensures consistent quality, cost efficiency, and dependable delivery. We assist in design and material selection, production, the building of prototypes, monitoring manufacturing to assure consistent quality, and delivering the components when and where you need them. Smart, diligent supply management – thatís why you can depend on APR for custom-engineered components.

Rubber + Plastic:†Rubber and plastic materials can be molded, extruded, cut or fabricated into practically any shape you require.

Metal:†Metal can be cast, forged, machined or stamped and then welded, bent, threaded or assembled into components that meet your exact specifications.

Rubber-to-Metal:†Rubber-to-metal bonding gives custom components like isolators and vibration mounts the strength of metal with the resiliency of rubber.

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