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APR produces grommets for wire protection, vibration dampening and sealing. We offer an extensive choice of standard rubber grommets in materials specifically suited to different application environments. Specifications covered include AN930, AN931, MS-35489, and MS-35490.

Our vibration dampening grommets are formulated to specific durometers to absorb the exact vibration frequencies that are produced within their application. †They are designed to handle intense vibration in high-heat, while lowering operating noise. The most common applications for our grommets are air conditioning compressors and fans.

Our sealing grommet designs range from anti-fray applications for wires, to flexible, sealing applications for pipes and tubes passing through the walls of a device. Sealing grommets can be made to seal a product entirely, even if a pipe or wire is being passed through.

Our grommets for wire protection are used to protect vulnerable wires and cables passing through sheet metal casings, effectively preventing abrasion or damage.

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