APR is strategically headquartered in both Lynchburg, Virginia and Shanghai, China. We also maintain offices in Boston, Massachusetts, Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and Anhui, China. †

APR has shown themselves to be our most innovative supplier. They have developed a procurement system that is different than many of our other suppliers.
Procurement at Top 3 Global HVAC Company


  • Ronald Kelleher, Founder

    Ron founded APR in 1986 out of his home in Bel Air, Maryland with a phone and a rolodex. Since then, he has seen the company through 2 financial crises, a dramatic change towards manufacturing components, and an increase of revenue up to our current level of $16.4 million annually. Ron has since passed the role of President on to Brian Kelleher, but still holds a strong sales role with our Northeastern Accounts from Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Brian Kelleher, President

    Since taking over APR from Founder Ronald Kelleher, Brian has built and managed manufacturing capabilities, partner relationships, and has broadened APRís manufacturing and service offering to include new materials, parts, and solutions. Brian now focuses on managing the growth that APR has attained to achieve new goals for our continued service. Brian operates out of our Lynchburg, Virginia facility, along with regular visits to our various locations.

  • Laura Craddock, Vice President

    With over 20 years of APR experience, Laura manages many of the daily operations of APR in the Lynchburg, Virginia facility. She covers Human Resources & Customer Service in order to keep APRís parts & people moving.

  • Natalie Batman, Director of Strategic Development

    Natalie provides strategic guidance for production and company expansion. Having worked with APR for over a decade, she splits her time between Virginia and Shanghai, ensuring that developments move according to plan.

  • Aaron Howell, Director of Sales and Marketing

    Aaron manages APRís Sales Department, with a focus on key accounts, growing industries, and finding new product types to meet our customers’ needs. Aaron also manages APRís marketing efforts, ensuring the companyís services are visible across the market.


APR is a rubber, plastics, and metal manufacturer with over thirty years of experience, spread throughout the HVAC, transportation, and power delivery industries. Begun as a small family business, today we have twenty employees in five offices across the globe. Yet, we have kept our commitment to family and community at our core as we have grown.

The key to our success has always been the strength of our customer relationships. We earn trust, delivery by delivery, always aiming to follow through on our motto, ďWe Deliver DependabilityĒ. Now, as we expand, we are bringing this level of dependability to new products and new places.

By increasing our manufacturing capabilities and our geographical reach, we are currently on the path to double our total revenue over the next 5 years. We are confident that our growth – and our commitment to quality and service – will help keep our customers performing their best.

Our Advantage

APRís advantage is rooted in its geographical reach and its commitment to transparency. Operating across the United States and in China, we can provide our customers with around the clock support and a team of easily accessible employees. To ensure transparency, we sit down with customers each year to decide which projects need improvements. Working together, we set a plan for the following year and demonstrate how we will meet our goals. Our commitment to transparency allows customers to proactively engage with the status of their programs, improve efficiency and ensure success.

Our History

APR began its mission in 1986, with its founder, Ron Kelleher, working out of his home to supply customers with the parts they needed. From its humble beginnings, APR has grown to a global operation, manufacturing and servicing some of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world. Growing from supplying parts, to end to end production, to warehousing and supply chain management, APR has kept its goal the same: to provide an excellent work environment for its employees and the best possible products for its customers.